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I’d been busy working on my next book and hadn’t checked in on Goodreads for a few days. When I finally did check, I discovered that I’d gotten a new rating and my heart totally sank to discover it was only two stars.

Ready to wallow in the misery, I looked for the review that was sure to tell me why. There was no actual review, however, just that enigmatic two-star rating. Lacking specific info I decided to see what I could learn about the star-giver and what I discovered was pretty amazing.

She had actually ranked Bad Dog to Best Friend the same as The Art of Racing in the Rain, but both of us ranked lower than Obama’s book! Being ranked lower than Obama really irked me and I set out to write a blog entry about it called “Ranked Lower Than Obama?”

The more I studied her ratings, the more fascinated I became and the blog post took a different turn, far away from ranking lower than Obama’s politics. By the time I was done, Obama didn’t even get a mention, but I had turned her two-star rating into a very positive marketing post called Neck-to-Neck with The Art of Racing in the Rain.

The next time something triggers your misery meter, try looking at it as a marketing tool. How can you turn that misery into a positive marketing strategy?

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The judges are locked in. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith are the official judges for Season 10 of American Idol. In addition, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Geffen A&M Records will be a behind-the-scenes mentor for this season’s idols. Get ready for a brand new season!

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